Testing Capabilities

Avo provides electro-optic characterization services for the products it manufactures. These range from high-volume P-I-V & Spectral "aliveness" tests to more specific insertion loss, near/far-field beam characterization, polarization ratio, divergence, high speed (20G) modulation, pointing, conversion efficiency, and many more measurements. The Tests can be performed as Pass/Fail production verifications, short-period (days) Burn-In, or Long Duration Life-Tests. In addition, Avo can support Thermal Cycling, High Humidity Exposure, Vibration Testing, as well as other environmental tests.

Opto-Electronic Testing
Avo furnishes an extensive suite of in-house test capabilities designed to client products – from chip-level probing to completed opto-electronic system characterization.

Environmental Stress Testing
Avo readily supports reliability stress testing to mil-standard and Telcordia specifications or to each client’s industry-specific requirements. Test regimens include Temperature and Humidity Cycling, Vibration and Shock, High/low Temperature Storage, Burn-in, and Life Testing.

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