Manufacturing Capabilities

Optical Components and Systems

Avo has designed, developed and produced diverse free-space Optical Components and Systems. From Diode-Pumped Solid-State Lasers, Fiber Amplifiers, Laser Projector Sources, High Power Isolators, Tunable Lasers, IR Imagers to Lidar Systems, Reagent Photometers and Space/Airborne rangers.

Leveraging an instrument suite such as high-current (200 A drivers), TEC controllers, water chillers, high power optical meters, beam profilers, goniometer far-field profilers, high-speed detectors, along with a wealth of optical components and opto-mechanical tools/mounts/tables, Avo Photonics provides a one-stop source for demonstrating, advancing, and manufacturing complex optical assemblies.

Die Bonding

Avo delivers high accuracy placement of Die and components. The current standard for Die placement is +/- 7 microns, 3-sigma and 0.3 degrees (yaw). However, with proper Submount design and high quality Die and Submount fabrication (such as edge sharpness and fiducial definition), tighter placement accuracy can be achieved. Though the majority of our bonding utilizes flux-free solders (AuSn, SnAg, In/x) we also support epoxy attach. Bonding can be performed either in-situ or post placement - both within non-oxidizing environments.

Avo has long delivered high quality bonding of laser die to various ceramic submounts, silicon benches, as well as metal mounts such as C-Mounts. In addition, we can provide Scribe & Break of wafers for singulation and tape demounting to individual die.

Laser Welding

Avo offers 3-beam coaxial Laser Welding with an advanced high-fidelity system. Sub-micron bonding throughout alignment, weld, release, and maintenance over thermal cycling has been demonstrated. Avo has qualified processes for many package configurations including, but not limited to, Butterfly, TO-Cans, MSA TOSA, mini-DIL, high-power LMA fiber-coupled components, as well as many custom packages. Mated components have included fiber assemblies, receptacles, and lens retainers. Low cost custom-fixturing can often be applied.

Hermetic Sealing

Avo provides hermetic sealing of various package configurations. Parallel Seam Sealing, Rotary Seam Sealing, and Projection Welding are the most common supported approaches to hermeticity. Typically, parallel resistance welding is used for rectangular or square packages. Orbital or rotary seam sealing is applied for round and large TO-can style packages (>9mm). Projection welding is utilized on small (i.e. TO-56, 49, 38) assemblies.

For high volumes, a matrix system with vision recognition is used to automate Lid pick and place; ensuring placement accuracy to 50 um. This existing equipment enables the use of less expensive lids without internal step features.

Vacuum Bake-Out of all assembly components proceeds sealing. This process assists in removal of adsorbed layers (volatile residues) from package/component surfaces. Oven profiles are recorded; logging temperatures, vacuum level, and Nitrogen backfills.
Following vacuum bake-out, parts are moved to an integral glove box pressurized with the defined gas(es) for sealing into the package. Though these gases typically are Nitrogen+Helium or Dry Air, Avo can support whatever is required by the Product. The sealing process is followed by Leak Testing.

Wire and Ribbon Bonding

Utilizing either manual or automated machines, Avo can create standard round wire bonds (gold or aluminum) of various diameters as well as ribbon bonds from 2 to 20 mil in width. Regardless if the application requires deep cavity access, large step differentials, long loop lengths, or high density packing, Avo has the experience and tools to provide a solution.
All bonding processes and production sampling utilize wire pull standards to assure compliance to the required ruggedness.

Fiber Attach

Avo Photonics supports align/attach of optical fibers or "pigtailing" with a variety of tools. For each application, our experienced Designers and Production staff analyze the product configuration and environmental requirements to recommend the optimum fiber attach method.

Fiber attach methods range from Laser Welding, to Direct Coupling (in which epoxy is used to attach a fiber or fiber array to a die edge using a 6-axis nano-positioning stage) to integral Free-Space Coupling (in which fiber alignment utilizes integral features within package optical bench). Avo provides a tremendous volume of experience working with both single and multi-mode fibers, high power (20 KW peak, 10W CW) SM fibers, fiber arrays, sub-micron alignment, and low cost, multimode, high-power fibers.

Vacuum Packaging

Vacuum Packaging services are available for low to high volume applications. Packaging spans experimental assemblies utilizing vacuum ports/snouts or production-level lid sealing. Often included with these services are High Temperature Bake-Out, Getter Activation, and Internal Vacuum Sensing.

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