Clients trust Avo Photonics to contract manufacture their products because we deliver consistent quality. We fine-tune an appropriate level of precision-based automated or custom-tool production services to customer cost and volume requirements.

Avo’s ISO 13485 and ISO 9001-certified manufacturing capabilities and systems ensure performance, reliability and traceability. Critical photonic production takes place in Class 100/1000 clean rooms located within an overall Class 10,000 manufacturing facility.

Avo is well versed in the production of simple, telecom-type fiber-coupled assemblies as well as more complex electro-optic systems such as tunable lasers, high-power (40KW peak) fiber-coupled components, photometers, lidar systems, diode-pumped solid state lasers, IR imagers, vacuum packaged imagers, and SHG projection sources.

For years, Avo has been in daily production of hundreds of laser assemblies. At the same time, Avo maintains its ability to produce complex military systems and supports rapid prototyping for new product introduction.

As part of our offerings, Avo sources, procures, inspects, and inventories most of the materials for the assemblies created. This critical component of product realization requires the diligence and thoroughness Avo carefully provides.

Avo has also absorbed and transferred existing processes from clients desiring to transition their manufacturing out-of-house, allowing them to stay focused on sales and their next generation of products.

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