AvoLightâ„¢ Services

What does AvoLight™ Mean?

AvoLight™ means a single source for advanced, private-label design, development and production photonic services applied to the unique requirements and challenges of our clients that catapult them to the forefront of their markets.

It means access to one of the photonics industry’s leading engineering teams with core competencies in device design through sub-system assembly and deep experience in package design for automation.

It means balancing variables that include, but are not limited to optical and electrical efficiency, weight, radiation hardness, volume, outgassing, materials, vacuum operation and EMI that must be orchestrated into acceptable, rugged output.

It means rigor and quality control that render on-time delivery of confidential and client-owned photonics solutions and products applied to varied environments, climates and functions that distinguish the markets we serve.

It means Light. Precisely.

The Trusted Source