Clients trust Avo Photonics for the creation of efficient development processes and faithful prototypes.


Because we design and prototype under one roof, Avo can quickly determine where appropriate trade-offs exist for designs that meet exacting client specifications for price, performance, size and quality. Our rapid prototype process focuses on accessible off-the-shelf components, known good manufacturing processes, and in-house design expertise that fast-track working parts. Designs are produced using Avo’s complete line of advanced assembly equipment.


Avo takes the “art” of assembly processes and transforms them into known engineering solutions with critical parameters identified and toleranced, thereby increasing yields and lowering costs.

In doing so, Avo represents a comprehensive, single source for supporting a broad range of processes. As optical assembly specialists, we are well versed in utilizing existing solutions or development of custom assembly processes in concert with client needs. Simplified or soft tooling is created for rapid prototyping during the early stage of product realization. As volume needs increase, Avo transitions the existing, developed processes to the appropriate level of automation.

Whether clients require single or mass produced solutions or products, Avo assures the quality of its assembly processes through documented work instructions, detailed parameter tracking and sample destructive analysis. 

The Trusted Source