Design Capabilities

Avo's industry-leading engineers integrate Optical, Electrical, Thermal, and Mechanical design services in order to produce rugged, reliable components and systems.

Optical Design

With expertise in such software as ASAP, GLAD, and Zemax-EE, Avo's optical design capabilities cover a wide range of electro-optics. Avo's experience makes it the trusted source for design and production of Laser Cavities, Fiber-Coupled Components, High-Power Fiber Lasers, Planar Lightwave Circuits, Semiconductor Diode Lasers, Optical Isolators, Filters, Spectrometers, Beam Expanders, Projectors, IR Imagers, and Nonlinear as well as Relay Optics. Some of Avo's specialty design services include Physical Optics Propogation, Ray Tracing, Ghost Analysis, and Coating Design. As a service company, Avo also provides the creation of optical alignment budgets and tolerance analysis, and Avo's optical engineers design with the goal of simplifying mechanical and thermal constraints.

RF / Electrical Design

Avo's electrical designers have vast experience working in both narrow-band and broad-band (multi-octave) system environments, with expertise in both analog and digital systems. Avo's experts provide system and component modeling using S-parameter sub-circuits, behavioral models, transmission-line structures and 3D EM simulations. With fluency in such software as Microwave Office, Pspice, PADs, Orcad, Avo's electrical engineers ensure that the electrical design works in harmony with each component's optics.

Mechanical & Thermal Design

Avo's advanced mechanical design capabilities allow for the production of rugged, MilSpec and Space-Qualified components that can withstand extreme environments. Mechanical packages can range from standard, to custom, to hermetically-sealed and ergonomic. Utilizing software such as SolidWorks, COSMOS, I-DEAS, ProE, ANSYS, and Nastran, Avo's mechanical engineers provide PCB integration, connectorization, thin and thick film substrates, and hybrids, as well as interface analysis and materials, and finite element and thermal stress/fatigue analysis. With increased machining capabilities, Avo also provides precision fixtures and tooling to support their robust designs.

Rugged Design for Production

Avo specializes in the design and production of robust components and systems that can surive harsh conditions, from extreme temperatures to shock and vibration. With components in air, space, field, down-hole, factory, and hospital environments, Avo is the trusted source for assemblies that can withstand the extreme.

View Avo's webinar, "Rugged  Micro-Optic Packaging for Extreme Environments," presented by CTO Dr. Tom Haslett, below.

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