Clients trust Avo Photonics for private label design engineering services throughout all stages of their product lifecycle. Marked by detailed System Engineering, we balance the physical requirements of a product with its cost and delivery timeframe.

In turn, the Avo team, marked by years of product creation expertise, blends diverse skills that ensure timely, precision-engineered military, medical, aerospace, communication and industrial product designs.

Along the way, Avo builds client-sensitive systems that

  • Establish initial, original requirements
  • Ensure a consistent flow of communication to capture new requirements
  • Provide detailed reporting and thorough design reviews to ensure clients have complete, on-demand understanding of their project’s status

We find the level and quality of our design transparency, reports and contact vest clients with the confidence to consider us an extension of their team. Click here to see our comprehensive optical, RF/electrical and thermal design capabilities and qualifications. Contact us to discuss a specific design project or challenge.

The Trusted Source