Industry is seizing the power of photonics to improve output, fast-track profitability and streamline processes. AvoLight™ Services provide the design, development and manufacturing support that fuels innovation across industry sectors. In high volume, clean and precision-based manufacturing environments as diverse as technology and food and beverage, we design sensors that maintain new levels of quality control on the manufacturing floor while reporting breakdowns and variances with speed and accuracy. In heavy industry such as oil and gas we apply photonics to speeding the identification of viable reserves. Along the way we are designing and developing the latest photonics-based systems that match the unique requirements of ruggedness, precision and climate that various industry disciplines demand.

Relevant Products Developed by Avo

  • Diode-Pumped Solid State Lasers
  • High Damage Threshold UV Lithograph System
  • Holographic Display Coupler
  • LED Arrays
  • Projection Display MEMS Optical Coupling
  • Sub-mm Resolution Lidar Systems
  • Tunable Lasers
  • Vacuum Sealed IR Imagers 

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