As the terrain of defense and military strategy rapidly changes, the use of photonics is continually increasing. Through AvoLight™ Services, we design and develop rugged, precise solutions and products that are deployed throughout all branches of the military. Avo has developed and produced products for tactical operations, remote sensing, and protection. We are an ITAR-certified service provider and all of our manufacturing occurs on U.S. soil as overseen and assembled by U.S. citizens. The combination of our commitment to confidentiality, our reputation for quality and our domestic production make us a U.S. Military contractor of choice. 

Relevant Products Developed by Avo

  • Airborne T/R High-Power Fiber Array
  • Diode-Pumped Solid State Lasers
  • Fiber-Coupled 532, 1060, and 2000 nm High-Power Lasers
  • Fiber-Coupled Semiconductor Optical Amplifier
  • High-Power Fiber-Coupled Isolators
  • LIDAR Components
  • Low-Light Detectors
  • Nonlinear Optic (PPLN) Waveguide-based Systems
  • Vacuum Sealed IR Imagers

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