The communications industries championed the commercialization of early photonics applications and eventually catalyzed the fiber-optic revolution. Through our AvoLight™ Services we are helping advance the next generation of communications-based photonics, which centers on the design, development and manufacturing of higher speed modulations, purer laser sources and more sensitive detectors. Once predominately used for back-end business-to-business deployment, Avo, like the industry, is evolving consumer innovation by miniaturizing connectivity and increasing the speed at which devices of all sorts push and pull data in categories such as still photography, video and knowledge management. 

Relevant Products Developed by Avo

  • CWDM 4-Channel Detectors
  • Diplexer for PON ONT
  • LiNbO3, InP and Polymer Fiber-Coupled Modulators
  • Low-Light Detectors
  • Multi-Fiber Hermetic Feedthrus
  • Nonlinear Optic (PPLN) Waveguide-based Systems
  • Regenerative Amplifier
  • TOSA Packaging

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