Tom Haslett, Ph.D. | Chief Technology Officer

Tom Haslett

Dr. Tom Haslett oversees the entirety of Avo’s technical operation grounded in his more than 25 years of experience that crosses optical technologies and applications. His technical background covers the spectrum of device- and instrument-level optical design and an array of spectroscopic and optical sensing techniques. Prior to joining Avo Photonics Dr. Haslett served as Chief Technology Officer of Photonami, a technology company focused on the design and manufacturing of advanced photonic solutions. At Photonami, he primarily developed novel semiconductor laser technology and led teams from chip design through to packaged laser subassemblies. He was also strongly involved in research and development efforts on optical amplifiers and other active optical components. Dr. Haslett has also served as director of the Photonics Research Facility at Photonics Research Ontario, where he worked on fiber Bragg grating design and fabrication, holography and sensor applications. Throughout his career, Dr. Haslett has played a strong role in customer interaction, technical project management and systems engineering. Dr. Haslett holds a bachelor’s degree in engineering from Queen’s University at Kingston (Ontario) and a Ph.D. in chemical physics from the University of Toronto.

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