Jeff Perkins, Ph.D. | Chief Operating Officer

Jeff Perkins

Dr. Jeff Perkins directs and manages Avo’s operations. With broad experience in high-volume optical component production as well as quality operations, he comes to Avo Photonics from JDS Uniphase where he served as Senior Technical Manager of Process Development and Automation, Operations, and Product Development. In these roles, Dr. Perkins established and propagated process platforms into new product development teams to insure that new products were designed for automation, initiated focused efforts on product cost and yield improvements, and directed design models for TOSAs utilizing both direct modulated and electro-absorption modulated lasers; uncooled TOSA platforms for VCSEL, FP and DFB datacom applications; and a ROSA platform implemented for both PINs and APDs, spanning multiple bit rates, and 850/1310/1550nm transmission. Prior to JDSU, Dr. Perkins was at Epitaxx, Photocircuits Corp, and IBM. Jeff holds a bachelor’s (with honors) and master’s degrees and a Ph.D. – all in mechanical engineering – from Lehigh University (Pennsylvania).

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