A Halma Company

In 2011, Avo Photonics joined Halma plc. Halma is a market leader in hazard detection and life protection technologies based in the United Kingdom with 40 subsidiaries in 23 countries. Avo is part of Halma’s photonics division along with Ocean Optics, Labsphere, Pixelteq and Fiberguide.

Halma's Photonics Division

Ocean Optics develops and manufactures high quality, innovative products for optical sensing, including the world's first miniature spectrometer. 

Labsphere designs, produces and sells precision standard and custom radiometric and photometric products addressing the specific needs of the aerospace, automotive, electronic imaging, laser diode, LED, lighting, medical imaging and optics industries.

PixelTeq provides OEM spectral sensing and imaging solutions, patterned optical filters, and custom electro-optical devices for a variety of aerospace, biomedical, industrial, scientific, and security applications. 

Fiberguide Industries is a strategic partner with OEM manufacturers in providing efficient, cost-effective, practical fiber optic solutions engineered to meet their specific needs. 

Halma's History

Halma's origins began in Asia in 1894 as The Nahalma Tea Estate Company Limited. It operated in Ceylon (renamed Sri Lanka in 1972). Halma was listed on the London Stock Exchange in January 1972 and became a publicly-traded company. A series of acquisitions was made of mechanical, electrical and electronic engineering companies and successful management generated strong organic growth. This created the basis for the international manufacturing group that Halma is today. The company changed its name to Halma Limited in 1973 and registered as a public limited company in 1981, becoming Halma plc.

Halma has grown to be an established FTSE 250 business and currently comprises just under 40 subsidiary companies operating worldwide. Today, Halma's technology focuses on sensors, its markets are primarily the protection of human and capital assets, and the group continues to grow through organic expansion and acquisition.

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